Our Standard Telescope Hosting Plan Includes

Technical Support

  • All basic Maintenance technical support is included in our standard¬† service
  • Highly skilled technicians on-site 24/7
  • Highly skilled engineer on-site on site 24/7

High Speed Internet

  • 1Gbps fiber optic symmetric link
  • 200 Mbps fiber optic symetric backup link
  • 4g backup line
  • Fixed public IP Address
  • Up to 10 GB upload traffic per day per telescope
  • VPN access to local network


  • Shared buildings
  • Automatic roofs opening and closure depending on weather conditions
  • Roll-off and clam-shell roofs
  • Space for telescopes with a swing radius up to 1.5 m
  • Possibility of individual building


  • 2 Guards living on-site
  • On-site technicians and engineers
  • Single road to the observatory passing by the house of the guard
  • Security cameras all over the observatory


  • 220 V A/C
  • 500 W peak power per telescope
  • 8300 W.h/day per telescope
  • 75 kW PV plant
  • Continuous supervision
  • Backup Diesel Generator


  • Custom weather station
  • Sky Quality Meter
  • AllSky Cameras
  • Cameras inside the buildings
  • Live seeing monitor and sky extinction


Private Building

  • No telescope size limit
  • Custom Building
  • Custom Power and Internet upload limit
  • Custom back-end
  • Custom everything…

Telescope Installation

  • We can take care of installing all your setup
  • We work on this until you are happy with your setup!
  • Includes Polar alignment and Collimation

Advanced Support

  • Collimation
  • Optical Alignment on demand
  • Problem Debugging
  • Mechanical Design and Construction
  • Software Development
  • Telescope and Instruments Consulting
  • Items Purchase

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